International Students

Tuition and Costs

Estimated International Student Expenses for the 2013-2014 Academic Year

In order to obtain a visa to study in the U.S., you are required to demonstrate that you have adequate financial support for the academic year.


Academic Year
(3 quarters/9 months)

Tuition & Fees $31,488
Campus Room & Board $10,388
Books & Supplies $1,206
Personal Expenses $2,265.00
Transportation (U-Pass) $273.00
Medical Insurance (required) $2,748
TOTAL $48,368

Dependent Information: Estimated expenses include living and health insurance costs: Spouse—US $8,835.00 per year; Child—US $5,028.00 per year per child.

Currency Converter

All costs are in U.S. dollars. Actual costs may vary; tuition and fees are subject to change annually.

Proof of Funding Requirement

Students who are offered admission to UW Bothell are required to submit proof of funding for one academic year. UW Bothell will not prepare your I-20 until proof of funding is received.

The University of Washington Bothell is a public institution; therefore no state or federal financial assistance is offered to international students. Students, their families and sponsors must assume all financial responsibility for tuition and living expenses.

Funding Opportunities

International students currently enrolled at UW Bothell have access to limited institutional funding options such as merit based scholarships, generic scholarships open to all UW students, grants that support various student experiences, and on-campus student work positions.

The University of Washington Bothell offers the Natalie K. Lang International Student Scholarship.

UW Bothell's Business Program offers the ELC Scholarship for students who attend classes at the Eastside Leadership Center (ELC) in Bellevue.

Matriculated students are eligible for some scholarships listed by UW Bothell's Financial Aid & Scholarships Office and UW Seattle's Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards.