Requesting Transcripts

Requesting Transcripts

When should I request my official transcripts?

You will have official academic records at each school you attend.  To have them sent to UW Bothell, contact the Registrar’s office at each school or university attended as soon as possible to request your official transcripts be sent to UW Bothell.  Your admissions application will not be reviewed until all official transcripts and required documents have been received.  You do not need to wait until you have received or sent all official transcripts to UW Bothell to submit your online application.  The Admissions Office will match your transcripts with your online application when received.  If you attended a Washington State Community College, please have your transcript(s) sent directly from the community college electronically, not faxed.

Do I need an official high school transcript?

If you met CADR requirements through high school, yes, we do require an official high school transcript.  However, if you completed all CADR requirements through college coursework, your official high school transcript will not be required.  If you received a GED, an official high school transcript is still required to verify CADR requirements.

I already sent my transcripts to UW Seattle or UW Tacoma.  Can you retrieve them?

Because all UW campuses have separate admissions offices, applicants need to send all transcripts and/or required documents to UW Bothell even if you already sent them to UW Seattle and/or UW Tacoma.  We do not share student application files, transcripts or any other application documents with UW Seattle or UW Tacoma.

Where should I send my transcripts?

You can mail your transcripts to the Admissions Office here:

Enrollment Management
Box 358500
18115 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011-8246


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