General Information

General Information

When should I apply?

Admissions to the University of Washington Bothell is competitive and we highly recommend that you apply before the priority date. The application will be considered complete when all required documents are received.  This includes all official transcripts as well as other documentation required by the program you are applying to, i.e. resume or letter of recommendation.

Am I ready to apply?

Perhaps you feel you have all the pieces together and are ready to apply, which is great.  However, if you would like to speak to an advisor about the application please feel free to contact our admission team.  Admissions advisors can guide you step by step through the application process and are available for in-person, email, phone, and chat advising.  For more information, please see the transfer advising page.

How can I find out more about a specific program?

Attend info sessions early to plan your curriculum. Click here for the calendar. If you would like more information on application requirements to a specific program offered at UW Bothell, please see the degree programs.

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a very important piece of your application.  The personal statement gives you an opportunity to express your personality, academic plan at UWB, career plan and goals through your writing as well as how you will contribute to enhancing our campus.  Be sure to check spelling and grammar before you submit the personal statement.  UW Bothell’s Writing Center is available to review your personal statement at no cost. Please see specific program websites for questions to address in your personal statement.

What code do I use to send my test scores?

Please use the following codes to send test scores to UW Bothell:

  • SAT: 4467 (scores are valid for 5 years)
  • ACT: 4497 (scores are valid for 5 years)
  • AP: 4467
  • TOEFL: 9964 (scores are valid for 2 years)

What if I can’t afford the application fee?

The University of Washington Bothell will waive the application fee for qualified students who would otherwise be unable to apply for admission. Please select “I will be requesting an application fee waiver” on the payment method section of the online application. Your eligibility will be calculated based upon information provided in the family information income and household size section of the online application. Once you click the submit button at the end of your online application, if your fee waiver is approved, your application will automatically be submitted. If your fee waiver is denied, you will be redirected to another page to provide payment or submit a fee waiver petition.

Should I apply as a general transfer student or directly to a program?

Only applicants with less than 134.5 transferable college level quarter credits may apply to General Admission/Undecided.  If you have 135 or more college level quarter credits, you must apply directly to an academic program.  Please review the degree programs offered.   If you are unsure of how many quarter credits you have, please contact us at info@uwb.edu.


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