Transfer Students

Tracy Lyons

Tracy Lyons

Position: Transfer Admission Advisor & Recruiter
Phone: (425)-352-3662

Hometown: Woodinville, WA

Education: Woodinville High School, B.S. in Business Administration at University of San Francisco

Favorite Movie(s): I’m more into TV shows (The Walking Dead, Master Chef, Deadliest Catch), but my fave movies are “Romeo + Juliet,” “Garden State,” “The Holiday,” “Finding Nemo,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “Brink!”

Favorite Sports Team: Seattle Seahawks, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, and, of course, the Huskies!

Favorite Restaurant in Bothell: The Ranch Drive-In. I’ve been going there since I was a little kid. A burger with a Chocolate Banana Milkshake never gets old!

"Do good, not bad."
-Joe Lyons (my big bro)

Favorite College Experience: Participating in every new program possible! I was in a freshman living & learning community focused on diversity and social justice that truly changed my life and opened my eyes to different perspectives and experiences. I was also a member of the first Honors Cohort Program for Business, allowing me to impact future classes and to form amazing relationships with faculty and students. I loved making new friends and connections – I’m still in close touch with friends and professors/faculty from college! Above all, I loved exploring a new city with fresh eyes, soaking up everything San Francisco had to offer!

Main Attraction at UW Bothell: The food trucks are a great option for lunch! The library has some amazing views of the wetlands and great spots to cozy up with a book or your laptop. It’s also fun to watch (or play!) a game on the new athletic fields.

Advice for High School Students: Try a variety of activities and electives. It’s good to challenge yourself in different areas and to meet new people. You might discover a hidden passion along the way! Take on special responsibilities like a part-time job or become Vice President of a student club. Developing leadership skills now will really help in your future career and education. There are a lot of options after high school and college, so don’t limit yourself. Talk to a counselor or advisor to help determine what opportunities are available to you.