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Transfer Students

Admissions Planning Tools

Admissions Planning Tools

These tools will help you plan your course of study prior to transferring to UW Bothell. They are designed to provide you with a snapshot of the University’s admission requirements and prerequisites for designated majors; they should not be interpreted as a formal review of your transcript(s), which will be done once we receive your application and official transcripts. An admissions advisor can assist you if you have questions after working with these tools.

Direct Admission to a Major

Are you wondering what you need to be admitted to UW Bothell and get into the major of your choice? A quick glance at a direct admission to major guide will help you earn admission to UW Bothell from a Washington state community college. Prior to any admissions decision being issued, applications are subject to a comprehensive (holistic) review.

More Direct Admission Guides will be added shortly.

Admissions Planning Worksheets

Admissions planning worksheets are another tool that will help you plan your course of study prior to transferring to UW Bothell. These worksheets expand on the direct admission to major guides (see above), providing a fill-in-the-blank format to assess and track your progress to UW Bothell admission.  These guides also contain information on:

  • How to be a Competitive Applicant
  • UW Area of Knowledge Requirements (General Education)
  • Writing your Personal Statement
  • Prerequisite Courses and Equivalencies

Students transferring from Washington community colleges can refer to the University of Washington Equivalency Guide to see how courses might transfer to meet requirements.

American and Ethnic Studies (BA): Direct Admission Guide | Planning Worksheet
Applied Computing (BA): Planning Worksheet
Biology (BS): Direct Admission Guide | Planning Worksheet
Business Administration (BA): Planning Worksheet
Chemistry (BS): Planning Worksheet
Climate Science & Policy (BS): Coming Soon
Community Psychology (BA): Direct Admission GuidePlanning Worksheet
Computer Engineering (BS):  Planning Worksheet
Computer Science & Software Engineering (BS):  Planning Worksheet
Culture, Literature & the Arts (BA): Direct Admission GuidePlanning Worksheet
Educational Studies (BA): Planning Worksheet
Electrical Engineering (BS): Planning Worksheet
Environmental Science (BS): Direct Admission GuidePlanning Worksheet
Environmental Studies (BA): Direct Admission GuidePlanning Worksheet
Global Studies (BA): Direct Admission GuidePlanning Worksheet
Health Studies (BA): Planning Worksheet
Interactive Media Design (BA):  Planning Worksheet
Interdisciplinary Arts (BA): Direct Admission GuidePlanning Worksheet
Law, Economics & Public Policy (BA): Direct Admission GuidePlanning Worksheet
Mathematics (BS):  Planning Worksheet
Mathematical Thinking and Visualization (BA)Direct Admission GuidePlanning Worksheet
Mechanical Engineering (BS): Planning Worksheet
Media & Communications Studies (BA): Direct Admission GuidePlanning Worksheet
Nursing (RN to BSN): Planning Worksheet
Physics (BS)Planning Worksheet
Science, Technology & Society (BA): Direct Admission GuidePlanning Worksheet
Society, Ethics & Human Behavior (BA): Direct Admission GuidePlanning Worksheet

If you specific questions that the above guides cannot answer, please contact the program direction or the connect with the Office of Admissions.