Meet our Admissions Advisors

Do you have questions about transferring credits, degree programs, prerequisite requirements?  We can help with that.  We want to help!

The best way to get your questions answered is to call the Admissions Office or email us. Both options will get you directed to an Admissions Advisor or the right person to answer your questions. Please consider emailing us with your question - along with your transcript - for a more comprehensive review of your academic background.

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We have a great Admissions team, who can answer any question you might have.

Muriel M. Bingcang

Muriel M. Bingcang | First Year Student/Transfer Advisor

Territory: King County
Email Muriel at

"I love the dynamic, tight-knit community. Students at UWB are well connected with staff and faculty who are passionate about helping them develop to their full potential." Learn more about Muriel

Ray Corona

Ray Corona | First Year Student/Transfer Advisor

Territory: Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom, Kitsap, and Clallam County
Email Ray at

"I think the best attraction at UW Bothell is the quiet room in the library when it's sunny, as you're overlooking the wetlands." Learn more about Ray

Andrew Delgado

Andrew Delgado | First Year Student/Transfer Advisor

Territory: Central and Eastern Washington
Email Andrew at

"In college, I loved my summer internship in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida! I also enjoyed making some awesome friends with students from all over the world. " Learn more about Andrew

Stacey Doran

Stacey Doran | Computing & Software Systems Advisor

Email Stacey at

"Definitely visit the schools you’re interested in.  Stepping foot on a campus and exploring will definitely give you a good feel for the campus vibe." Learn more about Stacey


Shelly Gunn

Shelly Gunn | Transfer Advisor

Territory: Western Washington Community Colleges
Email Shelly at

"Plan for your transfer early! Don’t put off meeting with admissions advisors, we care and are here to help you!! Get our help to create an academic transfer plan ASAP to be as efficient as possible with meeting admission requirements." Learn more about Shelly

Ben Higa

Ben Higa | Admissions Communication Specialist

Territory: Mariner High School
Email Ben at

"If you don’t know what you’re going to major in when you get to college, don’t worry about it. You’ll have time in college to figure that out. Most people change their major a few times anyways." Learn more about Ben

Amy Le

Amy Le | First Year Student/Transfer Advisor

Territory: King County
Email Amy at

"Set goals, pick the right classes, educate yourself outside of school, and develop good studying habits. Most importantly, enjoy every moment of it! Being a student is a privilege denied to many." Learn more about Amy

Tracy Lyons

Tracy Lyons | First Year Student/Transfer Advisor

Territory: In-house Advising
Email Tracy at

"There are a lot of opportunities after high school and college, so don’t limit yourself. Explore and plan early. Challenge yourself to try new things – you might discover a hidden passion!" Learn more about Tracy

Rachael Meares

Rachael Meares | First Year Student/Transfer Advisor | Native American Outreach Coordinator

Territory: Thurston, Grays Harbor, Cowlitz, Clallam, Clark, Lewis, Jefferson, Pacific, Skamania
Email Rachael at

"Everyone has something to contribute. I discovered my strengths in college and built the confidence to use these strengths." Learn more about Rachael

Heidi Norjberg

Heidi Norbjerg | Assistant Director of Admissions

Responsibilities: Campus Visits/Events and Publications
Email Heidi at

"Break out of your comfort zone when you go to college! Now is the time to explore and try new things. You will have unique and rewarding experiences that you never would have had otherwise." Learn more about Heidi

Sacha Nunn

Sacha Nunn | First Year Student/Transfer Advisor

Territory: Seattle and Tacoma Public Schools
Email Sacha at

"Get involved in your school and your community to build a supportive network that will facilitate your growth and progress towards pursing a higher education." Learn more about Sacha

Did You Know?

Fifty-one percent of UW Bothell's first year students are the first in their families to attend college.

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