Family Friendly Spaces Campus Guidelines


Diversity is paramount at the University of Washington Bothell (UW Bothell). We value diverse experiences and perspectives, and strive to create welcoming and respectful learning environments throughout our campus community.

The university has designated several family friendly spaces across campus conveniently located in UW Bothell owned and leased buildings. This provides opportunities for parents or guardians to have a clean temporary space for their children to occupy themselves as their parents or guardians study or meet.  These spaces are furnished with educational toys, books and games for children ranging from age 2 to 12.

Family friendly spaces are not for use as short-term or long-term daycare, and a responsible parent or guardian must accompany and closely monitor and regulate the behavior of their children with line-of-sight supervision at all times.  The parent or guardian bringing a child on campus has ultimate and sole responsibility for the safety and care of the child while on the UW Bothell campus, including in any family friendly space.  UW Bothell is not equipped, nor is it the university’s role, to provide long-term or short-term childcare in its public spaces.  Refer to the Children on Campus policy for specific regulations on bringing children to campus.


The following information is a set of general guidelines and rules for family friendly spaces on the UW Bothell/Cascadia College campus.  

UW Bothell will:

  • Develop and communicate guidelines about use of the spaces:

§ Post comprehensive signage indicating rules of use in each of the         family friendly spaces, including the following statements:

-  Children must not be unattended; a parent or guardian must provide close, line-of-sight supervision at all times.

-  Children must walk, not run.

-  Speak quietly; be respectful of others in the area.

-  Parent or Guardian is responsible for cleanup of any waste or other items brought into the family friendly area.

-  Parents or guardians should not bring to any family friendly space children with an illness that could potentially be contagious to avoid spreading illness to others.

  • Clean designated family-friendly spaces as a part of normal custodial maintenance provided by Facilities Services.

§ Custodial concerns, such as vomit on carpet or damaged toys, books, or games should be reported immediately to Facilities Services at 425-352-5466 or

§ Misuse of family friendly spaces or resources, should be reported to the Planning and Administration office at 425-352-5381 or

  • Conduct annual review of family friendly locations and toys.

§ Ensure locations are still viable and utilized on a regular basis.

§ Inventory all toys for cleanliness and safety.


The student-run “Parent Union” will:

  • Take an active role in monitoring and reporting on the condition of family friendly spaces to Planning and Administration.
  • Assist with fund raising to replace toys, books, games, or furnishings as well as custodial maintenance of space.
  • Collaborate with Planning and Administration in designing or modifying the spaces to meet changing needs.


For additional information on parent resources for students, please go to the Parent Union website. Employees can find information on family related benefits here.

To place a work order for custodial or maintenance, please do so on the Facilities work order system.  

For reporting emergencies or accidents, please contact Campus Safety at 425-352-5359 or