Administration and Planning

Emergency Information

The following information is intended to inform the campus community of UW Bothell's emergency operations procedures and activities surrounding emergencies, either from natural disasters or terrorist-initiated disasters.

The emergency procedures (PDF) document provides detailed instructions for responding to specific campus emergencies. This information is posted in prominent locations across the campus.

The UW Bothell's Emergency Operations Plan was created with the purpose of protecting our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Through the coordination of UWB, CCC, and community resources, a plan of action was created in the unfortunate event of a natural or man-made disaster. All are encouraged to properly plan and prepare for such an event. The Emergency Operations Plan contains roles and responsibilities, evacuation plans and routes, on-site emergency systems, alarm identifications, and response plans intended for specific emergencies.

Fire, Medical, Police

From campus phones: Call 911
From pay phones: Call 911 (no coins needed)

UWB Campus Security & Safety Department

From campus phones: Press the "Emergency" button located near the bottom right of your phone console, or call 2-5222
From pay phones: Dial 425-352-5222

There are several outdoor emergency and "Code Blue" phones located across campus. See the Campus Mobility Map for locations.

  • Code Blue: These phones are on posts labeled "emergency" and have a blue light. Press the call button for 911 and a blue strobe light will come on.

  • North and South Garages: Yellow emergency phones are available near each stairwell. Push the call button.

  • Pay Phones: Dial 911 (no coins needed)

Did You Know?

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