Facilities Services

Campus Copiers


There are four self-service copier/printers on the UWB campus.  Three are available to any patron in the Campus Library; two on the first floor, and one on the third floor. There is also one for UWB students located in the UW2-140 Open Computing Lab. Copies or prints are $0.12 per page single-sided ($0.23 per page double-sided), or $0.75 per sheet for letter sized color prints.  None of these machines accept cash, but UWB students can use their Husky card (school ID card) to pay for printing and photocopying on campus, as well as purchases at the on-campus bookstore, and the coffee cart in the Commons. Husky Card holders must first add value to their card either online using a credit card, or with cash (paper currency only) at the vending machine in the Library. They can also check their card balance at the vending machine, or any copier/printer, and track their purchases online once they have set up their account.

For Cascadia students, or patrons without a Husky Card, Dawg-Prints Cards are available for purchase from the vending machine in the Campus Library Information Commons. Please note that these cards may also be used in the same manner as the Husky Card, but users may only add cash value and check balances at the vending machine in the Library. Each card purchased will cost $0.20, so it is recommended that users write their name on the card and retain the card for future use and add value as needed.  NOTE: If you have a Husky Card, you do not need a Dawg-Prints Card.

If you experience a copier/printer malfunction that you are not able to correct yourself, please contact a Tech Consultant at that location or call the Mailroom at 425.352.5491.

Faculty and Staff

The University leases multifunctional copy machines directly from IKON through the UW Creative & Communications (formerly Publication Services) department. This equipment is available for faculty and staff use. The program includes the copy machine, paper/staples/toner, maintenance and repair. Copies are $0.05 cents per page. Some copiers that do not meet expected monthly volume requirements could be subject to a minimum pricing charge. An auditron code is required to access this equipment for copying. Please contact your department coordinator or the Mailroom at 425.352.5491 if you do not have a code.

Ten (10) copy/print/scan stations are located on campus. Convenience copiers for faculty and staff are provided at the locations listed below. If you experience copy machine malfunctions that you are not able to correct yourself, please call the Mailroom at 425.352.5491.

Convenience Copiers for Faculty and Staff
Location Room
UW1 070 Student Life
UW1 080 Budget & Planning
UW1 160 Student Recruitment
UW1 194 Student Affairs
UW1 260J Chancellor
UW1 281 Academic Affairs/Advancement
UW1 381A Business/IAS/CSS
UW1 1West Central Copy Faculty Hall
UW1 1East Central Copy Faculty Hall
UW1 2West Central Copy Faculty Hall
UW1 2East Central Copy Faculty Hall
UW1 3West Central Copy Faculty Hall
UW1 3East Central Copy Faculty Hall
UW2 030 CUSP
UW2 204 Central Copy Faculty Room
UW2 206  Central Copy Faculty Room
UW2 315 Central Copy Faculty Room
LB1 310 Library Administration
LB1 311 Library Support
LB2 218 Information Technology
LB2 005 Security & Campus Safety
CP1 104 Facility Services


Questions can be directed to Barney Harvey by email at bth2@uw.edu or by phone at 425.352.3361.

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