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Office of Community-Based Learning and Research

The University of Washington Bothell seeks to foster a "dynamic community of multicultural learning." The UW Bothell Community-Based Learning and Research project holds as its mission the advancement of mutually beneficial relationships between the university and the extra-campus community through service learning for the purposes of education and growth among all involved parties.

    * Provide high-quality service learning experiences for UW Bothell students that integrate in-class knowledge and meaningful engagement within community institutions.
    * Connect faculty research agendas and student learning to the needs of the community.
    * Foster long-term relationships with regional, national, and international organizations.
    * Bring ideas and knowledge from UW Bothell to the community, broadly defined, and from the community to UW Bothell.
    * Enrich classroom engagement by providing students with service learning experiences that bring to life the materials they encounter in their coursework.
    * Encourage pedagogically sound, community-based service learning among and across programs at UW Bothell.
    * Facilitate long-term, student-focused service learning projects that extend beyond a single course or single instructor.

The UW Bothell's Community-Based Learning and Research project promotes the on-going review of the outcomes, organizational structures, and processes that support this mission and these goals.



Paul Markham, Ph.D.
Director of Community-Based Learning and Research
Academic Affairs - Undergraduate Learning
Box 358565 | UW2-134 | 425-352-3667 pmarkham@uwb.edu

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