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Strategic Initiatives

In 2008, UW Bothell completed a year-long planning process involving faculty, staff, advisory board members, alumni, students and external partners, resulting in the 21st Century Campus Initiative strategic plan. The plan outlines seven priorities to guide campus growth in size and excellence: growth, resourcefulness, diversity, student-centered, community, innovation, and sustainability.

To learn more about the plan, the development process, and progress for each of the seven priorities, visit the 21st Century Campus Initiative Website

Since that time, the plan has guided all institutional planning through a period of extraordinary growth, during which enrollment doubled, the number of degrees offered tripled, student housing was established, industry and community collaboration deepened, and campus facilities expanded. Today, the campus community continues to move forward with the next phase of its 21st Century plan, including the following priority-focused initiatives:

2012-13 Strategic Initiatives


  • Enrollment growth – continue enrollment growth initiatives, with enrollment of 3,700 FTE for FY 2014 and 4,500 by FY 2017
  • Arts education – appoint an Arts Task Force [PDF] to recommend ways to enhance curricular and extra-curricular arts education and engagement opportunities [ATF Report PDF]
  • Off-site expansion – continue development of multi-location opportunities
  • Curricular initiatives - develop additional academic opportunities, including undergraduate and degree programs, as well as non-credit programs
  • Transition to Schools – continue transition from Programs to Schools as primary academic units, to support continued growth



  • Global initiatives – develop infrastructure supporting more robust internationalization programs, including study abroad activity, academic connections worldwide, our international student population, and opportunities for global engagement close to home
  • Diversity initiatives – coordinate and build on initiatives across campus to increase opportunity, equity and inclusivity in all aspects of campus life; recruiting a Director of Diversity and Campus Engagement to collaborate with the Diversity Council and provide leadership in this work


  • Assessment-of-teaching-and-learning initiative – develop initiatives related to campus learning goals, learning technologies, longitudinal assessments, high impact practices, undergraduate research data, accreditation evaluations, and institutional data
  • Student Success Center initiative – develop a vision and plan for a center designed to enhance student learning, retention, time to degree and graduation
  • Student life facilities and experiences – open Sports and Recreation Complex (completed 12/6/2012) and move forward with design for the Student Activities Center, in partnership with students


  • Community engagement initiatives – build on existing strengths to develop a broad vision for community engagement as a signature strength for UW Bothell, with leadership through the new Chancellor’s Community Engagement Council
  • Community-Based Learning and Research program – expand and further develop with leadership including the newly appointed Director of CBLR
  • Global initiatives (see Diversity)


  • Undergraduate research – continue to develop recent initiatives for undergraduate research and innovative teaching and learning
  • Faculty development – expand Hybrid Course Development Institute
  • High impact practices (HIP) – enhance student engagement and learning through HIPs
  • Worthington Innovation Fellows - Designed to support faculty and staff in exploring how technology can create significant new opportunities for innovation across the campus.
    designed to support faculty and staff in exploring how technology can create significant new opportunities for innovation across the campus. - See more at:


  • Environmental sustainability – continue to develop UW Bothell’s signature initiative in environmental sustainability, with leadership through the Chancellor’s Committee on Environmental Sustainability
  • Wetlands education – manage construction and development of Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory, due to open in 2013



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