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UW Bothell Awards

DTA Information

The Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA)

Selection Process

The Distinguished Teaching Award selection committee, appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, is chaired by a previous DTA recipient and includes at least three faculty members, a current student representative and an alumni representative. The committee follows a process, in short: after reviewing the nomination letters, the committee invites some or all nominees to submit a complete dossier of supporting materials. Based on consideration of dossiers, and criteria listed below a formal recommendation is made to the Vice Chancellor.

Criteria for Selection

Criteria have been developed to help identify exceptionally meritorious teaching. Such teaching:

    • Exceeds the highest standards
    • Serves as a model of inspired and challenging teaching
    • Has led students to academic and personal success
    • Stimulates and supports active and continuous learning
    • Inspires and cultivates excellence in the achievements of all students
    • Exemplifies openness to a broad range of ethical and intellectual inquiry

These criteria are met in a variety of ways.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

    • Development of innovative teaching methods
    • Applying effective and timely ways of assessing student learning to improve instruction as well as learning
    • Incorporating current scholarship into course content
    • Integration of multiple disciplines into one's teaching
    • Challenging and expanding traditional ways of knowing
    • Deepening multicultural understanding
    • Being an accessible and effective mentor outside the classroom
    • Finding ways of enriching clinical experiences
    • Offering independent studies and internships that consistently stimulate, inspire, and move beyond conventional expectations
    • Demonstrating leadership in curriculum development within the teacher's own course offerings and at the program and cross-program levels



2013 Ron Tilden, School of Business
2012 Leslie Ashbaugh, Center for University Studies and Programs
2011 P.V. (Sundar) Balakrishnan, Business
2010 Diane Gillespie, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
2009 Peter Littig, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
2008 Gowri Shankar, Business
2007 David Goldstein, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
2007 Crispin Thurlow, Communication (Seattle)
2006 Ron Krabill, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
2005 Carole Kubota, Education
2004 Alan Wood, Liberal Studies
2004 David Allen, Nursing (Seattle)
2003 Suzanne Sikma, Nursing
2002 Carol Zander, Computing and Software Systems
2001 Andrea Kovalesky, Nursing
2000 Bruce Kochis, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
1999 Kevin Laverty, Business Administration
1998 Carol Leppa, Nursing
1997 Cherry A. McGee Banks, Education
1996 JoLynn Edwards, Liberal Studies
1996 Michael Goldberg, Liberal Studies
1995 Constantin Behler, Liberal Studies