UW Bothell Awards

DTA Information

The Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA)

Selection Process

The Distinguished Teaching Award selection committee, appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, is chaired by a previous DTA recipient and includes at least three faculty members, a current student representative and an alumni representative. The committee follows a process, in short: after reviewing the nomination letters, the committee invites some or all nominees to submit a complete dossier of supporting materials. Based on consideration of dossiers, and criteria listed below a formal recommendation is made to the Vice Chancellor.

Criteria for Selection

Criteria have been developed to help identify exceptionally meritorious teaching. Such teaching:

    • Exceeds the highest standards
    • Serves as a model of inspired and challenging teaching
    • Has led students to academic and personal success
    • Stimulates and supports active and continuous learning
    • Inspires and cultivates excellence in the achievements of all students
    • Exemplifies openness to a broad range of ethical and intellectual inquiry

These criteria are met in a variety of ways.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

    • Development of innovative teaching methods
    • Applying effective and timely ways of assessing student learning to improve instruction as well as learning
    • Incorporating current scholarship into course content
    • Integration of multiple disciplines into one's teaching
    • Challenging and expanding traditional ways of knowing
    • Deepening multicultural understanding
    • Being an accessible and effective mentor outside the classroom
    • Finding ways of enriching clinical experiences
    • Offering independent studies and internships that consistently stimulate, inspire, and move beyond conventional expectations
    • Demonstrating leadership in curriculum development within the teacher's own course offerings and at the program and cross-program levels