The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for administering official institutional surveys to admitted students, current students, and graduates on a regular basis.  This information is benchmarked internally and, where possible, against the results of peer institutions.  The instruments include both nationally normed instruments and internally-created instruments. 

Our office strives to ensure the utmost ethical and research standards in the creation, analysis, and publication of survey results.  Findings based on surveys administered by our office will be reported in campus emails and on our in aggregated form, ensuring the confidentiality of all individual responses while maintaining transparency and providing opportunity for exploration and feedback.

Annual Survey Calendar

In 2015-16 academic year the UW Bothell Office of IR has been piloting a series of institutonal surveys that will make up the campuses' official Survey Calendar (scheduled for release January 2017).  This strategy is intended to focus development and response recruitment efforts to a core group of surveys that are pulled into decision-making processes, and to insure that the same groups of students are not surveyed in rapid succession about the same set of topic. The core surveys are listed below, along with their focus. 

  1. Admitted Student Questionnaire  (Summer) Administered annually to all admitted students; focus on acceptance decision
  2. Graduation Exit Survey (Spring) Administered annually to all graduating Bachelor’s and Master’s students; focus on overall usage of student services, overall satisfaction, and post-graduation plans
  3. Six Months-Out Survey of Alumni (Quarterly) Administered  in collaboration with the UW Office of Educational Assessment to all alumni, six months after degree completion. Survey focuses on current career outcomes and their student experience at UW Bothell.
  4. National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE) (Every three years) Administered to all undergraduate freshman and seniors every three years, beginning in 2017.

As we move our survey calendar from the pilot phase to a more permanent form, our focus will be on:

  • Engaging additional campus partners in the design and analysis stages
  • Aligning existing and new questions with campus priorities
  • Drawing on additional data sources, including focus groups and campus data
  • Increasing survey response rates
  • Communicating results quickly and transparently
  • Using key findings to inform campus and unit-level decision making

We welcome feedback and participation from faculty, staff, and students as we move forward.

In addition to the surveys on our official survey calendar, the Office of Institutional Research occasionally administers brief, targeted surveys used to inform pressing institutional questions.  Recent examples and results are listed below.

Ad Hoc Surveys

Course Offering Survey: The Course Offering Survey sought to gather student input the potential for additional course offerings in new and underutilized as well as through online and hybrid formats.  Hybrid and online offerings received the highest number of positive responses, followed by Friday afternoon and 8-10 PM M/W or T/Th time blocks.

Other results & summaries from campus surveys

The University of Washington Board of Regents recently asked our campus to share summary survey results on student satisfaction.  The summary brief provided to the Regents can be accessed here.