UW Bothell Alert

The SR-522/I-405 exit ramp to the south entrance of the UW Bothell/Cascadia CC campus will be closed beginning Wednesday, Sept. 17 until further notice. Drivers are advised to take the Beardslee exit (195th street) as an alternative.


Academic Affairs

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Office of Academic Affairs

Organization Chart

University of Washington Bothell
18115 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011-8246

Campus Box: 358522

Main Contact Numbers
Phone: 425.352.3572
Fax: 425.352.5223

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Susan E. Jeffords
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Phone: 425.352.3575
Email: sjeffords@uwb.edu


Christian Adams
Finance/Data Manager
Phone: 425.352.3880
Email: cadams@uwb.edu

Annette Anderson
Curriculum Development Director
Phone: 425.352.3629
Email: aanderson@uwb.edu

Carolyn Brennan
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research
Phone: 425.352.5355
Email: cbrennan@uwb.edu

Russell Cannon
Director of Institutional Research
Phone: 425-352-3547

Peggy Frazier
Director of Academic HR and Administration
Phone: 425.352.5459
Email: pfrazier@uwb.edu

David Goldstein
Director, Teaching and Learning Center
Phone: 425.352.5378
Email: dgoldstein@uwb.edu

Elaine Haig-Widner
Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Phone: 425.352.3396
Email: ehaig-widner@uwb.edu

Annie Littlefield
Program Coordinator
Phone: 425-352-5256

Jill Orcutt
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
Phone: 425.352.5317
Email: jorcutt@uwb.edu

Kyle Richardson
Program Coordinator
Phone: 425.352.3396
Email: krichardson@uwb.edu

Joe Shelley
Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technologies
Phone: 425.352.5245
Email: jshelley@uwb.edu

George Theo
Director of Student and Residential Life
Phone: 425.352.3326
Email: gtheo@uwb.edu

Strategic Initiatives Director
Phone: 425.352.3468


Academic Deans and Directors

David Allen, Professor and Director
Nursing and Health Studies Program
Phone: 425.352.5396
Email: dallen@uw.edu

Leslie Ashbaugh, Professor and Director
Center for University Studies (CUSP)
Phone: 425.352.3304
Email: lashbaugh@uwb.edu

Bruce Burgett, Professor and Dean
School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Phone: 425.352.5350
Email: burgett@u.washington.edu

Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Professor and Dean
School of Business
Phone: 425.352.5229
Email: skrishnamurthy@uwb.edu

Bradley Portin, Professor and Director
Education Program
Phone: 425.352.3482
Email: bportin@uwb.edu

Elaine Scott, Professor and Dean
Science and Technology Program
Phone: 425.352.3179
Email: escott@uwb.edu


Center Directors

Thomas Bellamy
Director, Goodlad Institute for Education Renewal
Phone: 425.352.3573
Email: tbellamy@uwb.edu

Dan Goldhaber
Director, Center for Education Data and Research
Phone: 425.352.2214
Email: dgoldhab@uw.edu

Robin Lake
Director, Center on Reinventing Public Education
Phone: 206.616.1797
Email: rlake@uwb.edu

Michael D. Stiber
Director, Biotechnology and Biomedical Technology Institute
Phone: 425.352.5280
Email: stiber@uwb.edu

Jason Pace
Director, Digital Future Lab
Phone: 425.352.3786
Email: jpace@uwb.edu