Operational Reporting Project (under development)

In partnership with UWIT, EDA and Enrollment Management on the Seattle campus and Institutional Research Tacoma, the office of Institutional Research Bothell is working to develop and deliver operational reporting across the tri-campuses.  Currently, each campus maintains its own reporting infrastructure for operational reports.  The year-long project will seek to develop and transition reports from campus-specific servers onto the centrally maintained Business Intelligence (B.I. Portal).  The phases and timeline for this project are outlined below:

Phase One: Application History Reports - Transition - COMPLETE!

On March 15th, the Bothell Reporting Services Report Manager was redirected to point to a new and more sustainable server instance.  This transition occurred mostly behind the scenes with as little interruption to use as possible.  Once the server was updated, users had the same access as they have had with the exception of any reports that utilize the Application History Tables (see list below).  The affected reports (below) are now only available on  the dedicated transitional space developed and maintained by Seattle EDA (Enterprise Data & Analytics).  To continue using these reports, Bothell Reports Manager users will need access to EDW (the Enterprise Data Warehouse); and, users will have to log-into the new reports folder (see URL below) using their netid and password credentials.  The IR team in Bothell has worked with the EDA team to provide this access to any current user of these reports. 

Reports Affected as of March 15th

  • Admissions Diversity Line Charts
  • Application Counts by High School and Quarter
  • Application Counts by High School Student List
  • Admission Statistics - Gender- Percent Change
  • Admission Statistics by Residency
  • Admissions Application Comparison Counts by Status and Type
  • Admissions Diversity Line Charts
  • Admitted Test Scores and GPAs
  • Application Counts by Program and Major
  • Application Summary by Program and Type
  • Parental Education of Applicants
  • Shred Year Old No Show Files
  • Transfer Application Summary
  • Transfer vs First-Year Test Scores and GPAs

UW Bothell Transition Folder Link (to logon, please signon with ‘netid\yourUWNETID’ and password): 


Phase Two:  Bothell Reporting Services Report Manager Transition - COMPLETE!

In this second phase, all remaining active reports have been copied to the transitional space and are ready for use.  In order to continue running your operational reports, users will need to log-into the new reports folder (see URL below) using their netid and password credentials.  All current users have been given access to both EDW and the new transitional reports folder.  If you do not have access, please contact us and we will work to get you access.  
New employees - Learn how to obtain access to the Bothell transitional folder space

How to access

To access this new transitional folder, please follow the link below (please bookmark or add this URL to favorites for future use). To logon, please sign on with ‘netid\yourUWNETID’ and password

Transition Folder Link:

Phase Three:  Tri-Campus Report Development - IN PROGRESS!

In an effort to streamline operational reporting across the three campuses, a Report Prioritization Group has been formed.  This group has been tasked with determine how and when reports from Bothell and Tacoma are rebuilt as tri-campus reports for use at all three campuses on the B.I. Portal. 

In the first of many reports to come, Business Intelligence Report Developer Bill Abella has published to the B.I. Portal a tri-campus/revamped "Undergraduates Eligible to Register" report.  This will be the first in a series of reports that Bill Abella and Doug Pardo, in collaboration with the Report Prioritization Group, will work to redevelop to meet the needs of users on all three campuses.

For more information on this project, reports in the development pipeline, or opportunities for training around operational report access and use, please contact the Office of Institutional Research:  UWBIRO@uw.edu