Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Susan Jeffords Susan E. Jeffords
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Phone: 425.352.3575 Email:


Annette Anderson Annette Anderson
Curriculum Development Director
Phone: 425.352.3629 Email:

Cinnamon HillyardCinnamon Hillyard
Interim Director for First Year and Premajor Programs
Phone: 425.352.3169 Email:

Carolyn Brennan Carolyn Brennan
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research
Phone: 425.352.5355 Email:

Carolyn leads the Office of Research which provides research development, administration and compliance support to the UW Bothell campus and houses the office of undergraduate research. She has been a part of the growing campus research culture since 2006 and is an active memberof the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) and the Society of Research Administrators (SRA).

Russell Cannon Russell Cannon
Director of Institutional Research
Phone: 425.352.3547 Email:

Jonathan Cluts Jonathan Cluts
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Phone: 425.352.3897 Email:

Jonathan provides leadership for cross-campus initiatives that advance and support UWB's academic mission and goals.

Claire Fraczek Claire Fraczek
Director of Integrated Learning
Phone: 425.352.3803 Email:

Claire coordinates and develops projects of campus-wide and institutional significance that support learning infrastructure and development for UWB students, including cross-unit and cross-disciplinary learning initiatives, experimental learning programs, cross-campus advising practices, reflection pedagogies, communication and implementation strategies.

Robin Angotti
Interim Teaching and Learning Interim Director
Phone: 425.352.3605 Email:

Elaine Haig-Widner Elaine Haig-Widner
Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Phone: 425.352.3276 Email:

Elaine coordinates the schedule of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, supports  the Academic Council and Enrollment Management Committee, and manages faculty awards including Distinguished Teaching and Distinguished Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities awards.

Marlene Manzo Marlene Manzo
Program Coordinator
Phone: 425.352.3761 Email:

Marlene is the main point of contact for the Office of Academic Affairs. Her central roles are event planning, fiscal support, and office management. In addition, Marlene works with Global Initiatives, Debate, and Community-Based Learning and Research (CBLR) in a variety of capacities.

joe shellyMary Bold
Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technologies and CIO
Phone:              Email:

george theoEmily Christian
Interim Dean of Student Affairs
Phone: 425.352.3628 Email:

ellen weinstein Ellen Weinstein
Human Resources Manager for Faculty
Phone: 425.352.5136 Email:

craig wesleySteve Syverson
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
Phone: 425.352.5317 Email:

Office of Academic Affairs

University of Washington Bothell
Bracket Building
19128 112th Street
Suite 102
Bothell, WA 98011

Campus Box: 358522

Main Contact Numbers
Phone: 425.352.3572
Fax: 425.352.5223

Academic Deans

Shari Dworkin, Professor and Dean
School of Nursing and Health Studies
Phone:              Email:

Bruce Burgett, Professor and Dean
School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Phone: 425.352.5350 Email:

Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Professor and Dean
School of Business
Phone: 425.352.5229 Email:

Ed Buendia, Professor and Dean
School of Educational Studies
Phone: 425.352.5324 Email:

Elaine Scott, Professor and Dean
School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Phone: 425.352.3179 Email:

Center Directors

Thomas Bellamy
Director, Goodlad Institute for Education Renewal
Phone: 425.352.3573 Email:

Robin Lake
Director, Center on Reinventing Public Education
Phone: 206.616.1797 Email:

Michael D. Stiber
Director, Biotechnology and Biomedical Technology Institute
Phone: 425.352.5280 Email:

Jason Pace
Director, Digital Future Lab
Phone: 425.352.3786 Email: